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Can you reach the castle in probably the hardest endless runner you ever played?! probably not!

This is a an endless runner (with an end) fan game using assets from Super mario and Super mario bros. Intended for mobile.

Play as Mario, Luigi or Peach, and try to reach the castle.

Difficulty increases with distance, and so you'd need to buy power-ups and upgrades in order to be able to go farther.

Disclaimer : Super mario and super mario bros are owned by Nintendo I do not own any of the sprite / sounds / music in the game.


You can choose from 3 characters, 2 need to be bought first :

  • Mario : normal gameplay.
  • Luigi : jumps higher.
  • Peach : no powerups / difficulty doesn't increase.


LMB / space / touch : jump.

Esc : fullscreen.


  • Mushroom : makes you larger.
  • Star : makes you invincible.


  • Mushroom upgrade : mushrooms appear in your run.
  • Star upgrade : stars appear in your run.
  • Coin upgrade : every upgrade increases the number of coins that appear in your run.

More information

Published22 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android
Tags16-bit, 2D, Endless, jumping, mario, Platformer, Runner, supermario
Player countSingleplayer


mario_run!.apk (58 MB)
mario_run!.exe (49 MB)

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